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Rapid market innovation in educational products

We're inspired by how fast students adopt technology and how quickly it advances. We follow lean and agile processes to quickly respond and design around the needs of students, instructors, and others.

We believe in learning by doing, which is why we’ve chosen a workshop.

1) We will discuss how educational strategy defines our goals and measurements.
2) We will do a live interview of a student and an educator to inform us of their current challenges, joys, and experiences.
3) We will facilitate small group sessions with the audience to participate in rapid and collaborative ideation sessions.
4) We will gather feedback and iterate as a group, facilitating and sharing how ideas can be informed and shaped by customers.
5) Groups will share out their latest ideas to each other for discussion, and leave armed with a collaborative and informed product idea, as well as a primer to lean and agile product methods unique to education.

Learning Objectives

  1. How to strategize your approach to the market
  2. How to 'learn by doing' in the educational market
  3. How to enable your team to craft smart and customer informed ideas



John Jarosz, Lead Experience Design Consultant, ThoughtWorks

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