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Arrogance and Confidence in Design

Our daily lives are peppered with annoyance - someone, somewhere was responsible for designing that annoyance and sending off into the world to flourish and vex. It seems preposterous that so many products and services exist that clearly fail to accomplish their core function. This is either due to a surplus of arrogance or confidence.
As designers we have a responsibility to our clients and their users to be diligent and accurate in our work. We’re all guilty of delivering less than perfect output now and again; whether that’s due to time or budgetary constraints. So what can be done to combat this industry-wide affliction and why should we care?


  1. Why is arrogance so prevalent in the design industry?
  2. What can we do to combat arrogance in design?
  3. Who's responsible for poorly designed products and services?
  4. What are the easiest ways of preventing ourselves from moving from confident to arrogant design?
  5. Even with no budget how can you rise above arrogant design?



Jonty Sharples, UX Design Director, Albion London

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