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The Art of the Acquisition: How to sell a startup

For whatever reason, you've decided that the time is right for your startup company to exit. You're looking to be acquired, but you have no idea where to start. After all, there's hardly any material online for how to successfully sell your startup or negotiate with potential acquires.

This session will demystify startup M&A and provide you with an actionable game plan to position your startup for acquisition and negotiate a sale. We'll get our hands dirty with the mechanics of everything from how to identify and build relationships with strategic acquirers to how to negotiate the most favorable earn out terms once you have an offer.

They say that startups aren't sold, they're bought. But getting bought doesn't just magically happen, and luck favors the prepared. This session will give you all the tools needed to formulate your startup's exit strategy and action plan.

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  1. How do I identify the right strategic acquirers for my startup?
  2. How do I get a potential acquirer from "we're interested" to "here's a term sheet", and how do I effectively negotiate with multiple acquirers?
  3. How do I determine the optimal selling price for my company?
  4. What are the key terms in an acquisition term sheet and definitive agreement and how do I optimize them?
  5. How do I manage communications with my startup team and investors?



Geoff Lewis, Principal, Founders Fund

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