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Why Social Ads Work. Ignore Facebook Naysayers.

Hating on Facebook advertising is easy- especially when the media, leading advertisers & analysts come out each day saying 'Facebook advertising just doesn't work'. The complaints are familiar: you targeted your fans’ friends & it didn’t work. You ran a contest & no one signed up. You spent money making your page pretty & no one’s talking about you.

Facebook’s not at fault. It's time for direct response & brand advertisers to look less at the channel & more at the consumer. It's time to rethink social advertising.

In this session we'll take you on a 'Holy Batman, Social Really Does Kick Ass' tour of companies who have had enormous success using social advertising. From a leading car manufacturer who doubled their sales after one campaign to a national food chain that was overwhelmed with clicks, store locator views and email signups that increased by over 200%. We'll give you the proof points and examples you need to unlock the holy grail that is social media.

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  1. Why don't social ads work? If you’re buying 'likes' when you really want to increase click-through-rates, number of searches for your product or overall brand lift, it's time to re-think your strategy. If you’re pinning things to Pinterest and not getting referral traffic, or your promoted Tweets are disappearing too quickly, it's time to ask yourself whether the platform you are working with is the right fit for your product or solution and if your goals align. It's time to rethink social.
  2. How do I make social advertising work for my business goals? What metrics should I focus on? It's time for direct response & brand advertisers to look less at the channel & more at the consumer. It's time to start defining the true value of social as driving mid funnel intent and engagement. It's time to focus more on actual business metrics, such as sign ups and conversions. Truly social advertising means looking at Brand, Search and Social holistically.
  3. What are some examples of advertisers who have had great success using social media? Does social work for direct response and brand advertisers? In this session, we'll share powerful and relevant examples of advertisers who have seen enormous success using social advertising-- from smaller direct response advertisers to larger brands looking for lift. You'll leave the session feeling smarter and more confident investing in social media and making it work for your business goals.
  4. Where in the purchase and consideration funnel does social advertising have the largest impact? Does social advertising impact search? You might be surprised by how much influence social advertising has on consumers both in the early discovery phase of the purchase & decision cycle as well as further down the chain. In fact, we've seen that people are 4 times as likely to search for brand terms and 2 times as likely to visit an advertiser's site who has used social advertising.
  5. What's the value of a 'share' or a 'like'? In order to understand the true value of social interactions and social media, it's important to look at all of the different ways social advertising impacts consumer behavior. Once you're able to tie consumer behavior to social advertising, you'll be able to better understand the value of a 'share' or 'like' and you may be surprised by just how great the influence of social advertising is.



Jennifer Hyman, SVP Marketing, ShareThis

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