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The Best Interface is No Interface

Many believe the future of design is in screens. They're wrong. It's time to kill the interface. Because when we think only in screens, we design based upon a model that is inherently unnatural, inhumane, and has diminishing returns. It requires a great deal of talent, money and time to make these systems somewhat usable, and after all that effort, the software can sadly, only improve with a complete overhaul.
This conversation will explore a better path: No UI. A design methodology that aims to produce a radically simple technological future without digital interfaces. In its most sophisticated form, it centers around learning about individuals, continuously improves and becomes exponentially pertinent. Eliminating counterintuitive input mechanisms for natural inputs inverts the contemporary focus of software design to have computers adapt for people, rather than people adapt for computers. The results can have a profound impact on our lives, and your design process.

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  1. Why is the best interface no interface?
  2. This fundamentally shifts the way in which technology is designed. How can I employ the new methodology today?
  3. What innovative companies have already embraced this pattern of design? How might future technologies grasp this idea?
  4. How might these natural systems work? How do we build them?
  5. What kind of societal changes might this new way of design thinking bring about that alters our everyday lives?



Golden Krishna, Designer, Cooper

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