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Ambient Futurism... or Workstations In Bat Country

The future is NOW?! That expression is as annoying as it is untrue. The future is not now... but let's get prepped for later. An organization’s ability to anticipate the trends and abilities of the future will be crucial for remaining nimble in a world that is forcing us to adapt quickly. Fortune 500 companies are now contracting professional “Futurists” to navigate these waters for them, but what about the rest of us? “Ambient Futurism” is a new approach to the Futurist discipline, designed to extend the far-sighted vision of a company for near-term, tangible benefit. This presentation will define this concept and explain its benefits, specifically for marketers. The content draws on a range of unexpected sources while providing practical tools and frameworks to bring an Ambient Futurism program to your own office or company. The goal will be to demonstrate how actual profit and competitive edge can be gained through a more imaginative application of Futurist thought.

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  1. What is this new concept of "Ambient Futurism," and how does it differ from the traditional "Futurism" that I keep hearing thrown around in industry articles and conversations?
  2. How does such long-term Futurist thought leadership offer a practical benefit marketers in the here-and-now?
  3. Hiring Futurists sounds like an expensive and luxurious proposition--how can a small or mid-sized agency justify a Futurist while being held to tight budget constraints and the constant demand for billable client work?
  4. I've always thought of Futurism as simply long-term forecasting and projection. Aren't all variations of Futurism just fancy terms for something organizations are already doing, embellished with some out-on-a-limb guesswork?
  5. What specific tools, methods, or resources can I bring back to my organization to begin exploring Ambient Futurism?



Mark Mulvey, Strategist, Razorfish

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