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It's Not a Content Problem. It's a People Problem.

If you manage a digital ecosystem and you're not thinking about content operations, you're not managing a digital ecosystem. Content creation and maintenance may not be in your daily job description, but as an account manager, digital marketer or project manager you most likely face in some capacity the impacts to your business such as restructuring job responsibilities, reorganizing approvals and evangelizing your new digital (content) strategy throughout your business and larger partner/advertising ecosystem.

The big problem is that digital content is complicated. It’s almost always touched by more than one person, revealing the political undercurrent of your business. During a website design, new CMS implementation or partnership integration, businesses often go through battles over content ownership and feel growing pains adjusting to their new digital operations. In this session, I’ll show you how to better plan for and anticipate digital planning challenges.

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  1. Tactics for navigating the dirty politics over digital real estate in your business
  2. How to align your content strategy and digital stakeholders for one shared vision & adapt quicker to change
  3. How to maximize your digital team
  4. How to get a higher ROI on production
  5. Case studies of businesses that have faced the challenge of getting staff and stakeholders aligned in content operations



Erin Scime, Associate Experience Director, Content, Razorfish

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