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The Real Responsive Process?

The web is not a fixed width. So if the medium is fluid, should the process be fixed? Fireworks and Photoshop are not flexible enough to demonstrate media queries, button and menu states, HTML5 and JavaScript behaviors, dynamic resizing of elements and navigation flow.
Diving into responsive design projects can be daunting. Old design practices are cumbersome when thinking in terms of web systems that will span a wide variety of devices and dimensions. Four industry leaders will delve into how they handle the responsive process or how they don't. A fluid process to match the fluidity of responsive design. Bam! We’ll also explore some of recent successes and failures while establishing why a responsive process is a responsible process.
One web to rule them all?

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  1. Why having a process in place will transform your business.
  2. How a responsive design process impacts team dynamics and workflow.
  3. How a responsive process can change the deliverables of a project.
  4. What works in a responsive process?
  5. What are some horrible ideas we tried?



Steve Fisher, Director of User Experience, Yellow Pencil

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