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The Global Fight to Democratize Access to Capital

A global fight is currently underway to democratize access to capital for entrepreneurs. With over half of the world population engaged in self-generated work, the outcome of this is critical.

With the passage of the JOBS Act (legalizing debt- and equity- based crowdfunding), suddenly an entrepreneur’s dream to tap into worldwide resources with people aligned to their vision has become a reality.

Job creation is not just an American issue – small businesses create over 65% of all jobs – and access to capital disproportionally affects the poor.

Sherwood Neiss is leading the global fight to legalize equity-based crowdfunding. As one the authors of the Crowdfunding Framework used in the JOBS Act, he has not only changed the domestic landscape but continues his mission abroad through working with foreign governments and organizations to help citizens in many countries gain access to the capital they need to develop their ideas and thrive.

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  1. 1. What are the largest roadblocks in the fight to secure access to global capital through equity-based crowdfunding?
  2. How can policy makers (such as in the middle east) examine crowdfunding to promote peace through entrepreneurship?
  3. Is crowdfunding reducing capital market inefficiencies? (ex. through validation of ideas prior to funding. The market is only funding what it deems worthy).
  4. How has technology allowed the crowd to step in as the nation's financiers with less fraud and greater success?
  5. How do local communities stand to gain the most from legalization of equity-based crowdfunding?



Jennifer Gooding, Publicist with Leverage P.R., Crowdfund Capital Advisors

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