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The Comfy Chair! Are We Sitting Too Much!

I'll bet you're sitting in a chair while reading this. In fact, the time spent sitting in chairs (office desks, cars, trains, planes, movie theaters, eating) has increased substantially over the past 30 years. And related health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and musculoskeletal disorders (back, knee, and hip pain) are also on the rise. This is an area of concern for all who sit in chairs a lot, especially those in the computer and media industries. Medical research has only seriously focused on this area for the past 15 years but already some commonly-held perceptions about fitness and wellness are changing. In this session, we'll discuss some of the recent research and tools available. Bring your ideas, experiences, and concerns.

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  1. What workstation options are available for sitting workers?
  2. What tools are available to monitor your personal activity?
  3. What does N.E.A.T. mean and what are its ramifications?
  4. What does ergonomics say about posture (and possibly personal health)?
  5. What is the study of "inactivity physiology" all about?



Jason Levitt, Co-Found,

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