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SNiRL - Social Networking in Real Life

My presentation is all about the feeling of being overwhelmed from managing profiles on social networking sites. This is a positive presentation about social networking, but the emphasis is about building relationships offline too.

Using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn (among others) to connect and meet new people is amazing. True relationships occur when we meet in person. SXSW is all about this!

I will use SXSW as a specific example of how we should use the time wisely to connect in "real life". Network online before events, but plan to meet in person at the events. Or carry on new relationships born at conferences like SXSW online after the events.

SNiRL will take a look at true networking success stories. I will discuss great ways to use technology and tools to enhance our networking efforts.

The power of personal networks can launch careers and friendships. SXSW Interactive attendees will appreciate this presentation.


  1. How can I use online tools to enhance my networking efforts?
  2. Why is it important to meet people in person as well as online?
  3. I am an introvert, how do I network?
  4. How can I find local networking events?
  5. How can I create my own local networking event?



Dave Delaney, Digital Marketing Consultant and Speaker, Dave Delaney Consulting

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