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Event Success through New Tools & Technologies

Events have changed. The challenges involved with marketing them, sponsoring them, or simply figuring out which to attend, have been transformed. New technologies are rewriting the rules and we are all playing catch up.

Please join us for our second annual interactive core conversation to explore best practices, case studies and new tools for succeeding with live events.

We will once again bring together top event producers, sponsors and technologists in a conversation about how these new tools can increase the success of our events, both for those that put them on, and for those that attend.

Please see my blog post at for additional background on the challenges we see this session addressing and our invited guests, who are on the front lines of implementing truly successful new technology-based solutions.


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  1. Audiences give as much attention to their devices as they do the speaker or the person sitting next to them—can technology do more than increase our distraction and sense of overwhelm at events?
  2. Location based social networking and discovery tools (highlight, banjo, glancee, sonar, intro, etc….) have been much talked about at SXSW in recent years—are they truly making a difference in the event experience?
  3. Audiences can access content and relationships electronically from their desks all day long—so how can we make our live and in-person events truly unique?
  4. Social media, live streaming, hybrid events, blogging and tweeting—how can we best leverage the virtual side of the events we participate in or put on?
  5. What is coming next on the horizon?



Brian Duggan, Founder, Building Alliances, LLC

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