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UReddit: An Organic, Crowdsourced MOOC

Interconnectivity on the personal level has reached unprecedented levels in contemporary times; the University of Reddit project is an experiment in using this phenomenon to expand the MOOC paradigm through a permutation within the set of teachers and students, providing a platform that allows anyone with an internet connection and a passion to become a teacher or a student.

UReddit is entirely community driven and reflects the diverse backgrounds and natures of the people that have come to participate in the experiment. Its organic growth, which has not been directed by a central governing entity, is an illustration of the viability of the ideals behind constructing a community based entirely on freedom of flow of information. For these reasons and more, UReddit may well be at the cusp of a new paradigm.

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Learning Objectives

  1. As a MOOC, what do your students gain from pursuing a course that does not yield a degree or certification? Further, why would a student want to pursue this type of course?
  2. With Ureddit acting as a crowdsourced education platform, how can students be sure the information they are receiving is accurate? Are there measures in place to ensure experienced teachers are being factual? What are the potential pitfalls of a relatively loosely regulated body of teachers, such as inexperienced teachers and incorrect information being taught? How have you addressed these potential issues?
  3. What benefits could a traditional school system gain from incorporating a community drive or student driven education system?



Elliot Volkman, Communications Marketing Consultant, UReddit

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