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Sexy, Safe and Smart Highways

Wireless technology, fiber optics, sensors, cameras, GPS, electronic signs and robotic cars have the potential to decrease traffic congestion, increase highway safety and reduce the environmental impact caused by traffic jams. There's enough research available to implement these ideas into our highways, but none of them are actually being realized on a large-scale.
Until now. Europe's leading infrastructure company, Heijmans, is collaborating with dutch social designer Daan Roosegaarde to build 'smart highways'. The idea behind the design of the Smart Highways is Roosegaarde's Sustainable Dancefloor, a dancefloor that generates energy from the act of dancing.
Heijmans and Roosegaarde are focussing on developing roads that are intuitive, safe, experience-driven and customized. From Roosegaarde's perspective sustainability and intelligent design are only succesful in daily life if understood in terms of 'experience', 'tactility' and 'intuition'.

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  1. Why the focus on smart highways? Isn't there enough research and initiative around these days?
  2. How did the collaboration between Heijmans Infrastructure and a social art-tech lab, such as Studio Roosegaarde, came about?
  3. What makes the smart highway 'smart', safe and sexy?
  4. What techniques will adhere to making 'driving' a social and personal experience (again)?
  5. How to skip dreaming and start creating the unimaginable?



Emina Sendijarevic, Communication, Studio Roosegaarde

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