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Holy Sh*#... I've Raised $50M... Now What!?

Matt Lauzon, 27 year old Founder & CEO of, will provide a candid look into what it's been like to raise over $50M for a venture he started out of his dorm room at Babson College. In his typical "authentic" way Lauzon will provide a picture of what it's really been like building the business, including:
1. Challenges of scaling the team and business, especially as it relates to "giving up control" and building an executive team
2. Working with multiple VC's (Lauzon has had four on his board to date)
3. How the role of the CEO changes over time and how every role at the company changes over time
4. The importance of alignment, especially as it relates to getting everyone, from the board to interns, rallied around the same mission and values

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  1. Once your business concept is established, where do you go from there and how do you continue to grow in an organic way?
  2. How do you go about raising VC funding, determine the best partners and overcome the inevitable obstacles of fundraising?
  3. When is it time to give up some responsibility and how do you establish a trustworthy team?
  4. How do you adapt to changing roles in the company as it continues to grow?
  5. How do you streamline your messaging and assure your entire team, from the board to interns, are rallied around the same mission and values?



Lindsey Kopp, Publicist, Alison Brod Public Relations

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