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The New Serendipity?

Serendipity is a fuzzy idea, but it's having a powerful effect on our lives. Tools help us create ideas faster, networks help us connect more easily, and data helps us to discover new patterns. Serendipity is not blind luck - it's the loose product of passion, insight, and proximity. It's an important part of creating new technology, start-ups, music and media.

This panel will gather personalties who have had their lives transformed by this idea. Together, we'll discuss the principles that will help the audience move toward serendipity.


  1. What are the principles behind serendipity?
  2. How does embracing serendipity affect the way they tackle problems? (What can we learn from this?)
  3. What role does our connected/networked world play in serendipity? (Is it helping or hurting?)
  4. Can anyone actually "prepare" for serendipity?
  5. What is the difference between serendipity, luck, and chance? (Do the differences matter?)



Colin Raney, Location Director, IDEO

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