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Kids Who Produce News Become Better Citizens

More than half of the high schools in America have a school newspaper or a video production course. How can these programs be used to encourage citizenship and improve the media landscape of the future? We’ve developed a curriculum and a youth national news platform that enables middle and high school students to produce video reports on important national topics that impact their local communities. In this panel, we’ll share research evidence that examines how video journalism production can help young people learn how to collaborate, compromise and analyze information from competing sources; gain confidence in themselves as capable and socially responsible citizens; and discover the power of storytelling and high-quality journalism. A group of students from Austin will discuss their experience participating in PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs, and scholar Renee Hobbs will share her survey and preliminary results.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Do students who produce news become better information navigators and more invested citizens?
  2. How do you convince students that they have important stories to tell and that a larger audience -- of their peers, families and adults nationwide-- will listen?
  3. What impact can youth-generated, high-quality investigative news reports have on local news ecosystems?



Leah Clapman, Managing Editor-Education, PBS NewsHour

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