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Content Curation: Taxos, Tags and Tigers, Oh My!

Content tidal waves create irate, frustrated users. With the influx of online media - including articles, presentations, and everything in-between - the ability to locate and target content to the correct users can become a nightmare.

While content curation is an important aspect of customer experience, organization is vital to placing content in front of the right eyes at the right time.

From home-grown systems to off-the-shelf customizable solutions, each content management system has its perks and downfalls - but it's nothing but a hoarder's paradise without the right organization in place. Learn about establishing organizational standards that add value to your projects.

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  1. How do stakeholders measure the value in content organization?
  2. Who's qualified to organize content? Can't we just add tags?
  3. Well, if we create the content, won't they come?
  4. How do we create standards for content?
  5. What is the payoff for organizing content effectively?



Katherine Cranford, Digital Librarian, Dell

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