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Is Social Media Making Us Sick?

Social Media—Facebook, Twitter, blogs—have united the world like never before, enabling connectivity across time and place. Yet despite these assumed benefits of increased communication, research suggests that we have never been lonelier or more anxious, impacting our physical and mental health.

Is Social Media making us sick? Join us for what should be a healthy debate on a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts.

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  1. Is social media causing isolation, or are there larger cultural shifts at play?
  2. How does Social Media impact our real-world social networks and experiences?
  3. What is Social Media’s impact on both the quantity and quality of our social interactions?
  4. How do Social Media consumption patterns impact our feelings of loneliness or depression?
  5. Can Social Media be used to compact loneliness, depression, anxiety, and isolation for the benefit of society?



Bekah Lockner, Manager of Social Marketing, AbelsonTaylor

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