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The Sports Tightrope - Balancing Your Content

Official websites are now a major player in the sporting landscape. Sports teams now see themselves as media organizations – offering news that competes with more traditional outlets such as print and television. (And they both have enough problems as it is.)
I am the Managing Editor for one of the world’s most famous soccer clubs. Arsenal Football Club pride themselves on history, tradition and integrity as much as on-field success.
We have also developed highly-successful digital and social media strategies. Our numbers stack up alongside the most successful sporting franchises in the world.
We certainly engage with our fans. But, in the modern world, what form should that engagement take?
Is the ‘homer’ now transparent and irrelevant?
Or, in a digital world in which Twitter has lifted speculation, snap-judgment and bar-room debate (forever the currency of the sports fan) on to a higher plane, is it more important than ever?
That is the question I will explore.


  1. For official sports club websites, what should your editorial voice be? What can you say and what can you not say?
  2. How to use your advantages as an official club site and what realistic ambitions can you have for the influence of your site?
  3. How do you ensure your tonal voice is implemented consistently?
  4. What should the relationship be with the other media?
  5. How to be a 'funnel' for your fanbase?



Richard Clarke, Managing Editor, Arsenal Media Group

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