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Online Marketplaces: What Filmmakers Need To Know

In the age of digital distribution and new marketplaces, we’ll discuss what filmmakers can learn from retail best practices. From building sales relationships, considering shelf space positioning, planning release windows, and activating consumer data, we'll explore why the crossover between the retail world and indie film is more relevant than ever to filmmakers, distributors, and marketers.


  1. How do I get my film onto services like iTunes, Netflix, etc?
  2. What are the best ways for me to drives sales of my film online?
  3. What are the new emerging platforms that provide an alternative to iTunes and Netflix?
  4. What are some success stories for films that sold well online but did not succeed in the box office?
  5. Where is the online retail space headed in the future?



Marc Schiller, CEO, Bond Strategy and Influence

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