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Rapid HTML Prototypying

Experience design is hard. Design compositions are inconsistent with the final rendered product and interactions are complicated to communicate. As an experience design lead on an HTML/CSS/JS based application I've incorporated html prototypes to overcome these workflow gaps; in this session we will cover the pros and cons of this workflow, how it works in an iterative process (AGILED!), and the tools that I use to ease the pain.

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  1. How do you describe complex interactions to users for testing and engineers for implementation?
  2. How do you avoid visual inconsistencies in the original design?
  3. How can you speed up the creation of prototypes to make the workflow useful?
  4. How can you learn new html5, css3, and javascript techniques without slowing production?
  5. How can you ensure your designer is aware of the new tools available to them in html and css so they can leverage them in their designs?



Garth Braithwaite, Senior Experience Designer, Adobe Systems

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