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How To Rank Better In Google & Bing

Building a web site doesn't guarantee that it will automatically be loved by search engines. Having some SEO (search engine optimization) savvy can be a big help. But SEO doesn't mean terrible design or black-magic tricks. Instead, there are recommended best practices that all publishers should consider that please both search engines and human visitors. In this session, representatives from Google and Bing provide this type of advice. The'll cover things you can do within your own site as well as "off the page" activities and "signals" that have an impact on rankings, such as social media sharing. It's all Q&A. Bring your top questions and learn how these major search engines rank your pages, right from the source.


  1. What helps pages rank better in search engines?
  2. What impact does social have on search?
  3. How do search engines fight spam?
  4. What new things have search engines added to support publishers?
  5. What are common SEO mistakes to avoid?



Danny Sullivan, Editor In Chief, Search Engine Land

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